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Currently, one of the applications that is in great demand by many people is Yo WhatsApp. This application developed by Yousef Modder offers several advantages and it is these advantages that make many people switch to using this modified application.

Technological growth is of course quite rapid development, so we are required to use applications that can function for many things. So that the applications that we use, such as WhatsApp, are not only for sending messages to each other, but more than that, one of them is that it can send files with large sizes.

Yo WhatsApp has a look and also a theme that you can use for free. Unlike the official WhatsApp where the official WhatsApp only has two themes, namely the one that is used by many people and the dark mode .

Indeed, until now there are many modified applications such as Yo WhatsApp Mod such as hey mods and other modified applications. Well in this article there will be a review and review of the features that Yo WhatsApp has.

YoWhatsApp Review

Yo WhatsApp is a WhatsApp application that has been modified and gets some improvements in terms of the features it uses.

That way you can already do various things that can’t be done in the official application.

This application is also distributed free of charge and free of charge by the developer himself with the aim that others can also benefit from the features offered by the developer. You could say this application is unique because it has unique and cool features.

Some of the features offered include a feature where we can share files in large numbers in contrast to the official WhatsApp which is limited in sending files. In the official application, the maximum capacity that can be sent is 15 MB.

13 Latest Yo WhatsApp Features 2021

yo wa

As explained earlier, this application offers a large variety of features and you could say that almost all of these features are not in the official WhatsApp application.

Below is a list of features that you can enjoy from this Yo WhatsApp application:

Can Send HD Quality Photos

Yo WhatsApp can send photos and videos that have HD quality. When sending photos or videos via WhatsApp, usually there will be a reduction in quality because the application is compressed and indeed it is normal if there is compression in a short message application.

But for some people this is very unfortunate because it will reduce the quality of the details of the photos and videos that are sent. In the Yo WhatsApp application you will get an option where you can send videos and photos in HD or not.

Can Send Large Files

Yo WhatsApp can send files that are larger than those in the official version of the WhatsApp application. If you use the official WhatsApp, then the maximum file size is 15 MB and can’t be more than that. Unlike Yo WhatsApp, which can send files many times the size on the official WhatsApp.

Therefore, this can make it easier for users to submit work files without having to use Google Drive first.

You can also use this feature on GB WhatsApp

Can Send Messages Without Saving The Contacts

Now you don’t need to save the number first if you are going to send a message, because with the Yo WhatsApp application you can directly send messages without having to save them first.

How to? It’s easy, the way you type in the destination number, then you type the message and just send it to the destination number.

Can Hide Last Seen

When you open the app for the first time, someone who has contacted us will see when we were last online. Now on Yo WhatsApp you can hide this and in this way you will continue to look offline.

More Emoji Variants


In the Yo WhatsApp application there are many new emojis and you can use them however you want, in contrast to the official WhatsApp limited emojis provided on WhatsApp only. And what makes this application more unique than the official one, where you can’t get the emoji design in the official WhatsApp application. Therefore with this emoji you can get the latest experience.

Can Block Incoming Calls

In the Yo WhatsApp application we can set who can contact us, so you can block annoying contacts or those you don’t know.

Airplane Mode Features

If you hear the word airplane mode, surely what comes to your mind is a feature which functions to disconnect the internet connection on a device. Yo WhatsApp makes it easy for us with a button that can activate airplane mode directly through this application.

The cool thing is that if you use this feature it will only disconnect the internet in that application only. So that other applications are not affected, meaning that other applications can still connect to the internet.

Disabling Forwarded

This feature is also unique, where with this feature you can disable forwarded. What does it mean? This means that with this feature you can prevent your friends from forwarding messages you send. That way you don’t have to worry anymore if your message will be shared by other users.

Can View Deleted Stories

If on the official WhatsApp application you can only see stories that other users are looking for and deleted WhatsApp stories will generally disappear and cannot be seen again.

Now it’s different from Yo WhatsApp, where you can see the story even though the owner has deleted it. Truly a unique feature.

Cannot Delete Message

Have you ever experienced where you are sent a message. However, the sender of the message deletes it before you can read it and this incident irritates us because we are curious about what message was sent.

It’s different if you use Yo WhatsApp where this application has a feature that can still see the deleted messages.

Download Status

With the Yo WhatsApp application besides you can view deleted statuses, with this status download feature you can save or download other people’s statuses. This feature is useful when you are going to share your friend’s status again.

No Root to Use It

Usually for mod applications, the cellphone must be rooted first. This goal is so that the application can run properly. In contrast to this Yo WhatsApp modification application which does not require root.

If you want to use this mod application, you can directly install it and use it without any problems. Meanwhile, when you root your phone, your phone is at great risk of damage, so this application can minimize unnecessary damage.


If we compare it with the official version, Yo WhatsApp actually has complete security and privacy. In this mod application there is a lot of privacy that you can rely on from recording, typing, reading messages and other privacy.

How about this yowhatsapp apk feature, very interesting isn’t it?

For Nista readers who can’t wait, please just download the latest version of yowhatsapp apk below.

Download Yo WhatsApp Apk

App NameYo WA (Yo WhatsApp) Apk
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Size45 MB

Please just download HERE

Download Yo WhatsApp Iphone

Now for those of you who have an iPhone with the iOS operating system, you can download the Yowa iPhone HERE .

How to Install YO WA

Here’s a tutorial on how to install YOWA Apk:

  1. Make sure the security settings for permission to install apk from other than playstore have been activated
  2. Find the downloaded file
  3. Install the Apk until it’s finished

Tips from us :

For those of you who have decided you want to use the yo wa application (yowhatsapp) then our tips are to use it on the 2nd cellphone number, don’t use it on your personal number.

Because no matter what, this whatsapp is a whatsapp mod (modification) from a 2nd party, not official from the WhatsApp Inc company.

So use this yowhatsapp application wisely.

Yes, those were the various advantages that Yo WhatsApp has. The good news is, you can adjust all the features according to your needs and desires. You can remove all or part of it.

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