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For those who play online games using Android or iOS devices, you must be familiar with the X8 Speeder application. One of the most popular gaming applications used by X8 Speeder is Higgs Domino.

What you can use with this software is that you can adjust the speed while playing as you like. Of course, players use the X8 Speeder app to collect coins quickly. This will certainly make it easier for players to get out of debt in the short term.

But lately, there are many players in Higgs Domino’s Island who want to use an application other than X8 Speeder. Because this application is not what it used to be.

What causes many people to want to replace the X8 Speedeer application is the large number of ads that appear, which is very annoying. So gamers are looking for other apps with similar usability and benefits to this X8 Speeder, but a better version that is without ads.

When you are cool to play a game but an ad suddenly appears then this is definitely not fun. These ads can appear because on your smartphone you have the X8 Speeder application. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people want to switch to using other applications.

Now, by listening to our article, you will get the X8 Speeder replacement application that you want. Below you can see the replacement application for X8 Speeder. As follows.

X8 Speeder Replacement App

X8 Speeder Replacement App

Many people have been waiting for a replacement application for X8 Speeder. Actually, this application replacement has been around for a long time but still very few people know about it.

X8 Speeder is no longer like an ad-free duu now this application has a lot of ads which will definitely annoy you when playing games.

So that’s why it’s not surprising that many people switch to using other applications that can speed up games like X8 Speeder.

X8 Speeder replacement application is Game Guardian. Just like the X8 Speeder application, this application can also speed up your playing games.

It’s not even just speeding up the game. There are many features that you will get if you use this application.

As for the features found in the X8 Speeder replacement application, you can see the review below.

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Features In Game Guardian

Unlike the X8 Speeder application which can only speed up the game. This application has many features that will certainly make it easier for you to play the game.

As for the features of Game Guardian that you will get from this application, you can see below the collection of features. As follows.

  • Can be used on all devices like EPSXe, PPSSPP, Gameboy etc.
  • Can be used on all types of smartphones without root.
  • Can see the opponent’s card if playing Higgs Domino.
  • Free access to premium features.
  • Can make the game type Auto.
  • Speed ​​up game network connection.
  • You can do comprehensive and clear research.
  • Supports additional scripts.
  • AoB, string and hex text recovery service.
  • Speed ​​up time.
  • Get game items for free.
  • Support for 64-bit and 32-bit applications
  • You can slow down and speed up other game apps.
  • Can clean smartphone memory .
  • You can change one or more search results
  • Android virtual machine support.
  • Support for ARM, x64 and x86 chipsets.
  • There are more than 50 languages.

So, those are the features that you will automatically get if you use the Game Guardian application.

There are many applications that Game Guardian can run so you don’t need to be afraid if you can’t use this application.

Download Game Guardian X8 Speeder Substitute Application

Download Game Guardian X8 Speeder Substitute Application

Many people have been waiting for an ad-free replacement for X8 Speeder that can speed up games for a long time.

Well, below, we have provided a download link for you to download Game Guardian X8 Speeder Substitute Application.

App NameGame Guardian
Size19.72 MB
Version(Latest Version)

You can download Game Guardian via the link we have provided above. You can access this link quickly and easily.

How to Install the Game Guardian Application

Maybe some of you can’t install the application. This is not because the app is broken but because you haven’t enabled unknown sources on your  smartphone  .

Therefore, if you get an application from the internet, make sure you have activated unknown sources on your  smartphone first  .

If you don’t know how, below we have provided activating unknown sources on  smartphones . As follows how.

Go to the Settings menu   >> Select the Additional settings menu   >> Next select the Privacy menu   >> Enable  Unknown sources .

To make it easier for you, you can listen to the image that we have provided below. As follows the picture.

unknown source

How to use Game Guardian

Maybe those of you who don’t know how to use this application. Because many new users are still confused about using this application.

So below we have explained how to install and use this application so that it can run stably and easily. Check out the review below. As follows.

  • The first step is to download Game Guardian.
  • After the download is successful, go to the Settings menu and select Install Apps-Install-Install.
  • Install the latest Game Guardian by clicking the Install button.
  • Open the application to replace the X8 disk.
  • After opening the application, select Load 64-bit game from 64 virtual space.
  • For non-root devices, select the No root button.
  • Then download additional files like VirtualXposed.
  • Click the Add Application button.
  • Game Guardian The next step is to add branding to the accelerated game.
  • Then, click on VirtualXposed.
  • Open the added game.
  • Select and hold the Game Guardian icon on the screen.
  • Press and hold the Game Guardian button again until the number 1 is below the icon.
  • You can change the number to adjust the speed of the game.

The final word

You need to be careful if you are looking for a replacement application for X8 Speeder because not all applications can be used safely.

Like the Game Guardian application that we provide to you guys. The application has not been proven safe, but because many have used it and no one has been blocked, it is possible that this application is safe to use.

So that was the discussion about the X8 Speeder Substitute. You can also find other useful articles on our website, Nista. Thank you.

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