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WhatsApp Aero is one of the many mod versions of WA that provide something different or commonly referred to as the “X factor”. However, don’t worry because various standard features commonly used, such as changing fonts, changing themes and wallpapers, are still there.

However, there are some additional features to maximize the existing functions. Well, for those of you who are interested in using this application, it is highly recommended that you learn more about it.

The goal is that you are not only based on the elements aesthetically but can develop them in more detail.

Which in the end will make it easier for you to do a series of jobs either daily, weekly or even monthly.

As explained at the beginning of the article that quite a lot of the latest features were added. Some of them are :

WA Aero Review

Whatsapp Aero

The impression is so interesting. That’s what this app offers you from the first time you open it.

This is inseparable from the role of the developer which makes it much more interesting and fresh.

However, don’t worry even though it’s different but it won’t be difficult, especially for those who use the old version.

The good news is that all phones using the Android version 4+ can be used to operate this application.

It’s just that, for maximum use, use RAM above 1 GB so that all the features used can later run according to their functions.

The advantage of this application is that it has quite a variety of features. Although at first glance there doesn’t seem to be a difference, the developers are trying to give it a different touch.

Moreover, in terms of customization with a variety of interesting themes to choose from.

If asked whether it is safe or not, then of course the answer is safe. This WA Aero application can be used because it has a quite attractive design and very diverse features.

However, it is highly recommended that you continue to use the original application due to minimal data theft.

WhatsApp Aero Features

wa aero features

Of course you will be very curious about the application features or what advantages are in this application.

Immediately for those of you who are curious can see in the section below.

Provides Anti Banned

The feature that this application has is anti-ban. This application itself has claimed the use of anti-blocking features.

In a sense, you can use both for business accounts and personal accounts in this application.

This is because the developer makes all message flows no different from the original server, so any account is not considered to be violating the rules.

Hide Tick

One thing that most standard WA users don’t like is not being able to hide ticks.

In fact, sometimes users may feel reluctant to be known to be online or indeed lazy to reply to messages.

Well, this function turns out to be in this application which even though you read a message, the status is ticked one or not using a blue mark.

Cannot Delete Message

The WhatsApp Aero application offers an interesting feature that is not being able to delete messages.

When a friend or coworker messaged you and suddenly deleted it. So, what appears in the application does not change.

In the person’s app there may be notifications removed, but your chat screen remains the same. That way, you can see all the messages that were sent.

Easy to Backup

Another advantage of the standard WA that Aero retries is the backup system. Of course, this feature makes it easy for you to backup orders or important data.

In fact, if the app is updating or accidentally deleted, then you don’t have to be confused looking for it.

Freedom in Sending Data

Compared to the original version, you are free to send messages using a large amount of data.

For example, you can easily send 30 images or send files with a size of about 100 MB with just one send.

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Download Whatsapp Aero Mod Apk

download whatsapp aero

Of course, if you want to enjoy the facilities provided, there are things that must be done.

One of them is to install on the gadget of certain applications. It’s just that, make sure the downloaded version is really the original or not the wrong version.

Visit the WA Aero developer site to download then see the row of links available.

There are many versions from the old to the latest and choose according to your needs.

Follow the download process until it’s finished and the APK file is ready to install after you set the security and privacy.

NameWhatsApp Aero

In order to start the download process you can click ” Here ” of course it is obtained for free.

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How to Install Whatsapp Aero

After the download is complete, the next step is to find the saved file.

If you are using a mobile phone then look in the download folder. Use a file manager application or you can also use the default version. But, before installing it is highly recommended that you set the privacy security.

For those of you who are confused about how to install it, you can follow the section below.

  • Please download the application via the ” Link ” I have provided above.
  • Now you can enter the settings menu on your cellphone.
  • If you have entered the ” Additional Settings ” menu, then enter ” Privacy ” now activate ” Unknown Sources “.
unknown source
  • Then you can ” File Manager ” and go to the ” Download ” folder .
  • Find the application that you have previously downloaded and ” Install “.
  • Wait until the process is complete and now you can use it.

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How to use WA Aero Safe

wa aero

To be able to use this application, you have to pay attention to several things.

And here are some things you have to do to be durable using this WA mod.

Avoid To Login One Account in Two Applications

One of the tips to be safe when used is not to login at the same time. It is highly recommended that you logout from the original version and then enter WA Aero. Thus, security will be more awake.

In addition, it is also a good idea to install only one application on one phone. That is, if you have installed the Aero version, it is better if the original WA version is removed first. It is feared that if it persists, it will be blocked.

Clean Apps Periodically

One of the advantages of this WA Aero application is that it can send large amounts of files. In addition, you can receive files large enough for others to send.

Well, if this activity is continuously carried out, it is not impossible that the internal memory will be running low. Which of course can hamper the performance of the gadget.

For this reason, it is highly recommended that you clean the memory regularly, either by cleaning it directly through the application or using a file manager.

Thus, the phone will be lighter and the process of sending messages via WA will not be disturbed.

Checking the Latest Updates

This application is made by a developer who is classified as independent so that it is prone to problems.

What’s more, this application is still in its infancy, so bugs are likely to exist.

It’s just that, there’s nothing wrong if you want to use it as long as it regularly follows updates or the latest version.

Knowing Application Security

Please note that security testing is necessary to keep your account secure.

Testing can be done using a different account. The trick, send messages many times in large quantities.

If within a week there are no problems then you can use the original account.

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Thus a brief explanation of the WhatsApp Aero application which has interesting features and advantages compared to the original version.

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