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Tiktok Monkey Filter – For those of you who like to play social media, of course you often see photos or videos with monkey concepts.

Indeed, currently a filter is viral on Tiktok and can display cool visuals.

Where you will be able to cool images or videos using this filter, of course, for free.

Because in the Instagram application you can add or create your own effects and then use them.

Actually this is an effect or filter that first went viral through the Tiktok application.

But I don’t know since when many IG filters are practically the same or even cooler than the ones on Tiktok.

What’s even cooler is to be able to get it through IG, of course, it’s very easy.

Because indeed some people are creative they make filters and then share them with others.

This is what causes a lot of people to look for monkey filters on the Instagram application.

Immediately, for those of you who are curious about the full discussion, you can see in the section below.

What is the name of the Tiktok Monkey Filter on Instagram

Tiktok Monkey Filter

As I said before that in this article I will tell you the name of the filter on Instagram.

Because if you already know the name of the IG monkey filter then you will be able to save it easily.

What makes this filter even cooler is that it is accompanied by a song which is certainly very interesting if you have this one filter.

This is what makes this monkey filter much sought after and used to make photos or videos more interesting.

In addition, in the Instagram application, you can also create your own filters using the After Effects application.

Then you can upload it to your Instagram account and then you can use it as you wish.

But here I will tell you all about the name of the viral IG monkey filter.

The name of the account that created or shared the monkey IG filter is @aditya.susantoo with the filter name Rude Chimpanzes .

And if you already know about the name, the next step is to save it so you can use it.

Take it easy because in this article I will also discuss how to save filters as discussed below.

How to Save Instagram Filters

If you already know the name above that is used to store the filter, you can search for it.

For those of you who don’t know how to save filters.

The method is quite easy because you can follow according to what I will explain in the section below.

  • First you can open the ” Instagram ” application on your cellphone.
  • If you have you can click ” Your Story ” in the upper left corner.
your story
  • Then you can enter the name ” Filter ” that you are looking for via ” Search Effects “.
browse effects
  • If you have found it, you can save it by clicking the ” Save Icon ” at the bottom.
save effect
  • Now you can use “ Tiktok Monkey Filter ” to make videos even cooler.


To be able to get a filter all you need to do is follow the method above.

Of course, you don’t have to pay to be able to use it without the need to pay anything or it’s free.

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