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Resso Apk – Want to know a money-making application that is proven to pay only by listening to music? Resso Apk is the solution.

Currently, activities are very limited due to the Covid-19 virus which is not getting better.

All activities must be carried out at home, including work and other activities

The community becomes unable to carry out activities freely because access is limited.

This includes looking for entertainment when you are tired, such as hanging out with friends, going shopping, and singing at karaoke places with family, and other fun activities.

But fortunately we already live in modern times where all technology is very sophisticated.

Today’s daily activities can now be done only via mobile phones without the need to meet face to face with other people.

Looking for entertainment can also be done using a smartphone because there are many applications that can be entertainment when you are tired.

In 2021, there is an application that can be used to listen to music and can also do karaoke.

We no longer need to go to karaoke because it can be done even at home.

Even more special, this application can also make money like other money-making applications.

Based on the characteristics that we have told above, can you guess the name of the application?

The application, which went viral in 2021, was called Resso apk, which is an application for listening to music.

The number of downloaders of this application has reached more than 50 million users on Playstore.

Then why the application can make money when it is the type of application to listen to music?

Well, on this occasion we will discuss about Resso apk and whether the application is proven to pay.

What is Resso Apk ?

what is Resso Apk

The Resso application is an application for listening to music because it contains a collection of songs that can be listened to such as Joox and Spotify.

Besides being able to listen to music, the Resso application also has a karaoke feature that can be used by its users.

This application is booming in 2021 because it is claimed to be able to make money through existing missions from the Resso.

The main function of this Resso application is to entertain its users by listening to the desired music.

But it turns out that users can also get extra money through the missions given by this application.

So, in addition to being able to entertain yourself when you are tired and tired, you can also make money with just one application.

Are you interested in adding this Resso application as a collection of applications on your smartphone?

Download Resso Apk

Download the Resso App

Maybe some of you are already familiar with the Resso application.

Because this application implements promotions in the form of advertisements to various social media.

This application is also available on Playstore or Appstore and can be downloaded for free.

For those who want to download this application, you can directly download it legally through the Playstore.

App NameResso Music
Size40 MB
DeveloperMoon Video Inc

How To Get Money From Resso Apk

The way to earn money from the Resso application is almost the same as other money-making applications.

Users must complete all the missions provided to earn points and then exchange them into money.

The missions in Resso apk are not difficult and very easy to do.

We will provide information about what missions you can do in Resso apk to earn money.

Here are some of the missions available in the Resso app to get coin rewards.

Daily Check-in

Daily Check-in

When you start using the Resso application, don’t forget to always check-in daily.

Users will get coins if they routinely check-in every time they play Resso.

The number of coins that will be obtained is different every day and will increase every day until the 7th day.

If the user does not check-in for one day then the coin journey will be repeated back to the first day.

Claim Free Bonus

daily bonus

Within the Resso app there are free bonuses that appear on the screen and can be picked up to earn some coins.

The bonus is not always there so the lucky user will get it.

So, always open the Resso app every day to see if any free bonuses appear on the screen.

Share Lyrics Quotes To Other Social Media

Share Lyrics

Another mission that users can do to get coins is to share song lyrics quotes to their other social media.

When a user listens to a song and there are lyrics that are your favorite, it can be directly shared on your social media.

Users will get a number of coins if they manage to share the lyrics of the song to various social media.

View Song Comments

View Song Comments

When the user sees the comments given by other users on a song being listened to.

It is a mission and the user will get a number of coins from the mission he is doing.

Enable Lyrics On Lock Screen

enable lyrics on lock screen

In addition to seeing comments from other users for the song you are listening to.

You can also get coins by activating the lyrics on the lock screen of your cellphone.

Invite Friends

invite friends

Like existing money-making apps, the way to get lots of coins is to invite friends.

This method is done as a form of promotion of the Resso application but can benefit its users as well.

You can invite as many friends as possible to use this application via a referral code.

Enter the invitation code GB7JE6HZJWPBA to get IDR 50,000 per day.

There is a big bonus waiting for you if you succeed in doing this special mission.

Those are some missions that you can do to earn money if you use the Resso application. How easy enough to do, right?

How to Register an Account on Resso Apk

how to register a Resso account

In addition to the missions that are easy to do, how to register an account on Resso apk is also very easy.

You can choose to use social media or phone numbers as a way to register an account in this application.

If you choose to use social media such as Tiktok or Facebook, you can directly enter your account name and password.

If you choose to register an account using a phone number, just write down an active phone number and enter the OTP code that has been sent via SMS.

After that set the date of birth then select the type of music and artist you like and registration has been completed.

How to Use Resso Apk

For those of you who are interested in using this producing Resso application but are confused about using it.

Check out the explanation that we provide below on how to use the Resso application to earn money.

  • First, open the Resso application or if you don’t have it, please download it via Playstore.
  • After that open the application and login to the account first.
  • Then select the “Me” menu and click on the words “Earn Cash” .
how to use resso
  • There will be a list of missions that you can do to get coins by clicking “Take” .
how to make money in Resso
  • You can do all the missions given through the “Earn Cash” feature .

How To Withdraw Money In Resso

If the coins you have collected in this application have been many and have been exchanged for money.

You can withdraw money using your DANA account.

You can withdraw the money in the application during the specified date.

If the money you have collected can be withdrawn, then immediately make a withdrawal.

Is Resso Proven to Pay ?

Maybe you are wondering about the truth of this Resso application, is it really paying?

Based on the reviews given by users who have used this application, it is proven to pay.

Resso also has a fairly high rating among money-making apps today.

The Resso application is one of the applications favored by its users because it pays 100% on time .

The disbursed money goes directly into the DANA account without taking a long time.

You must try this Resso application because in addition to being able to listen to music, you can also make money from the application.


That’s the discussion at this time about the Resso Apk that we can convey to you.

The Resso application can be an additional money-making application that you can use because it is proven to pay.

Hopefully the information we provide in this article can be useful and help you in finding the information you are looking for.

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