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PC Video Editing Applications – By editing videos using a PC, the results will be extraordinary, but if you use the best applications on PC. Because if you choose a PC video editing application, it is feared that you will not get complete features and high video results.

So in this article, we will recommend to you the best and most popular PC Video Editing Applications.

By listening and then using one of the PC video editing applications that we recommend, you will be able to maximize editing.

Because the application that we will recommend is certainly not a random application but the best application on PC.

The PC video editing application that can be said to be the best is because it has complete features and many users.

Now below, you can immediately see a collection of the best PC Video Editing Applications that will maximize your editing.

Collection of the Best PC Video Editing Applications

The PC Video Editing application that we will recommend to you is the best application that is widely used by PC video editors, both beginners and professionals.

Take a good look at the PC Video Editing Applications that we recommend below so you can get applications that are suitable for you to use and also suitable for your PC. The following is a collection of applications.

Adobe Premiere Pro

1 Adobe Premiere Pro PC Video Editing Application

Adobe Premiere Pro is available as the best video editing application for PC version. This software created by Adobe is a very outstanding application and is very suitable for use by professional editors.

Adobe is known as the creator of the best image and video editing applications, Adobe not only provides applications that have the best video resolution but you can also use applications made by Adobe very easily because it looks easy to understand.

The proof that this application is the best video editing application is the number of films edited by Adobe Premiere Pro, one of which is Deadpool. If you want to try the available services, you have to register first.

However, if you want to try another version, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro CS2 which can be downloaded from the official website. In addition, you can use Premier Pro for Free for 7 days.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

2 Corel VideoStudio Ultimate PC Video Editing Applications

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate lets you turn photos and videos into movies with color enhancements and enhancements, new smart video tools, split rendering, and amazing effects. The software is very intuitive and provides easy controls for use at all skill levels.

One advantage of the Corel VideoStudio Ultimate version is the ability to use video enhancement with Merkel Prod to enhance recordings that are incredible. This feature is definitely useful for capturing dynamic images and motions for best results.

You can get a full Corel Video Studio Ultimate license for US $ 99.99 or 1.4 million Rupiah. If you are interested, you can try the trial for 30 days through the official Corel VideoStudio Ultimate website.

Sony Vegas Pro

3 Sony Vegas Pro PC Video Editing Apps

Do you want to make short films, schoolwork videos, YouTube videos or videos for other professional purposes? Well if yes then you can use the Sony Vegas Pro application to make it.

There are so many things that this video editing application can do. For its own features, this application has very complete features so it is not surprising that many people use this popular video editing application.

Although this application has very complete features, this application has a size that is still light so you can use it on all types or all sizes of PCs that you have.

Sony Vegas Pro also has 4K quality display capabilities. Due to the high quality of the video, the size of the video file will also be large. But you don’t need to worry because this application has a video compression feature so that the video file size can be reduced.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

4 Cyberlink PowerDirector Video Editing Apps

PowerDirector is very easy to use and has many functions. For a much faster editing process, users can use the Express Video Creation feature without having to modify it manually.

PowerDirector is designed not only for beginners but also for professional printers. You can try lots of interesting functions like auto , 360 video editing, color editing, and color buttons.

In addition, PowerDirector can be used as an alternative to video compression applications to reduce file size. So that this application is popular and widely used by beginners and professionals alike as the video editing application above.

Adobe After Effects

5 Adobe After Effects PC Video Editing Applications

Adobe of Effects is the best application for digital video display, dynamic video and creativity video. This application is developed by Adobe Systems. Adobe After Effects is commonly used in the production of short videos, youtube videos, and videos for television production.

With this video editing software, you can create movies, inclusions and transitions, remove objects from clips, animate icons and characters, scroll and format in 3D. Adobe After Effects offers a number of licensing options that you can customize to suit your needs.

This video editing application is also very unique and cool. You can change the color of the video very easily. This is certainly very unique so it is not surprising that many PCs have installed this application.


6 Lightworks PC Video Editing Apps

Of course, you need a PC-specific video editing application that has full and professional features. Well if that’s true then you can also choose the Lightworks application for PC video editing.

With the support of cool features such as APL, NTSC and HD. LightWorks can edit videos in a unique way. What stands out the most is the quality of the images that can be produced.

Not only the features are amazing but this application also has a light application size so that this application can be used on all types of PC devices.

HitFilm Express

7 HitFilm Express PC Video Editing Apps

Not only is it free, Hitfilm Express is one of the best recommendations for video editing apps. This app is designed to give you cool, fun and awesome video editing results.

Hitfilm Express is now available for Windows and Mac OS, which works stably. Of course, you can make various videos for your needs such as Facebook, YouTube, or other professional videos.

Do you guys want to use it? You can directly use the Hitfilm Express application through the official Hit website. You can get the application for free.



Have you ever edited a video but when you export it the video you have has a watermark that cannot be removed?. Of course this is very unpleasant.

VSDC is the solution for those who want to find a unique video editing application for videos on PC without watermark . Even though it’s free, VSDC has a number of reliable functions for professional video production.

For example, you can complete the output of transition effects, video rendering, or others using the VSDC application. You can also use this software to convert video formats.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro X

As the name suggests, it is a video editing application developed by Apple developers for Mac. Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with a cool media platform and amazing creativity for fast video editing.

With enhanced proxy navigation, Final Cut Pro allows you to get full resolution videos, export 4K or 8K projects, and share unlimited features.

But unfortunately you can’t have this application or download it for free. You need to pay some money first to buy a license on this PC video editing application.

EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor

If you are looking for a video editing application that is simple and practical but has some advanced functions for visual or audio output, Carrie Signal and others then we recommend EaseUS Video Editor for you to use.

EaseUS Video Editor is an application that is very easy to use even for those who are still beginners. As for what this application can do easily, namely editing, sharing videos, integrating, illustrating, reading images, creating videos, adding effects, and color rendering.

This secure app is great for those who want to create a variety of videos such as for teaching, business presentations, training materials, films, marketing, and more. You can use this EaseUS Video Editor for video editing, converting videos to MP4 and other video editing purposes.



Avidemux is a unique video editing application that can be used on Windows computers. Although it is free and easy to use, this software offers very efficient operation.

You can use it for special edits, such as mixing multiple videos with other editing media. You can also add audio files to this app.

This app is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to create content on social networks. However, you can also use it to create great, professional-quality videos.

The final word

So, those are the various PC Video Editing Applications that are highly recommended for you to use. By using the applications we recommended above, your editing work will be much easier than before.

You can get the video editing application above through their respective official websites. Thank you for listening to the end of this article. Also check out other useful articles available on this page of our site Nista .

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