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Money Making Games – Who says playing games is useless? Games include simple entertainment for some people, can relieve fatigue, relieve stress, or just fill spare time. However, excessive game play is also not good, it can be bad for health, especially eyes.

Yes, playing games from gadgets for too long makes the eyes sore, red, and some even swell. So, you should set time to play games in a day, don’t let your health be disturbed because of a game.

Well, what’s more interesting in this day and age is the existence of money-making games. Yes, besides being fun entertainment, playing games can now make money. How to?

List of Fastest Proven Paying Money-Making Games 2021

There are indeed a lot of games that you can use to earn a lot of money just playing games.

Not all games can get rupiah coffers. For those of you who are curious about the list of games that make money, take a look at the following reviews!

1. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Who does not know this one game? Mobile Legends is quite popular in Indonesia, even played by all groups, both men and women, both young and adults.

This battle royale game was released in 2016 and is one of the games for e-sports competitions.

Well, from these competitions you can get various awards, including money, if you win.

Apart from the competition, there are video streaming service advertisements on Mobile Legends, by clicking on the advertisement, points will be collected which can be exchanged into digital money.

You can also sell Mobile Legends accounts that contain special items at high prices to fellow gamers.

2. Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Mobile Premier League (MPL)

The next money-making game is the Mobile Premier League or commonly abbreviated as MPL. MPL also includes online games that can be competed, either in Indonesia or other countries.

Interestingly, MPL consists of various types of games, namely football, chess, billiards, archery, and fruit darts.

To play this game, players must pay first using tokens or diamonds that are top-up using digital applications.

However, if you win the game, the player will get more tokens and diamonds than he filled. Even these tokens can be converted into digital wallets such as Dana and LinkAja.

3. Free Fire (FF)

Free Fire (FF)

FF or Free Fire is an online game that is currently booming in Indonesia. This battle royal game is quite light, suitable for all smartphone specs, quite small in size compared to other online games, and doesn’t drain too much quota.

It is for these reasons that many people prefer to play one of these money-making games.

Yes, you can easily earn money from playing Free Fire, one way is to prioritize ranking, the better your ranking, the greater the chance of getting a lot of money.

In addition, you can open online jockey services and coaching beginner players, from where novice players will give you money as a token of service. Finally, enter the e-sports competition and win! By winning the competition playing games, of course you will get money, right?

4. PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds)

PUBG (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds)

PUBG is also a popular game in Indonesia, even PUBG has been above Free Fire regarding the number of users.

This game can be played alone, in pairs, or in teams of 4 people. Well, you can invite friends to play as a team, so it can be more exciting even if you’re not in the same room.

Just like other games, you can offer jockey services for novice players who want to level up. If your PUBG account has entered a high level and has various special items, it can be sold to other players at a high price.

In addition, to make more money, you can take part in PUBG competitions in various events and win the competition.

5. Fortnite


The next money-making game is Fortnite, a battle royal genre game with cool graphics quality.

This game, which was released in 2017, can not only be played via smartphones, but also through Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

You can also make money from playing this Fortnite game, especially if you are already at the highest level. The higher the level of a game, of course, the more expensive it is if it is sold.

This game is a battle royal that involves approximately 100 players in the same room, these players have to fight against other players, well if you are able to survive until the specified time limit then you are the winner in the game.

6. Funluck


Well, this one money-making game is quite different from other games that tend to be in the battle royal genre.

Funluck is easier to make money, even when you log in for the first time you already get coins that can be exchanged into a digital wallet into money.

You have to play the application and collect as many coins as possible, the more coins the more money you collect.

Invite some friends to join in using this online game application, so your coins will automatically increase too.

This game is quite light and can be used by all people, so it doesn’t take more effort to make money, right?

7. Hago


What do you know about Hago? Chat app with new people? Online game? Both are correct, Hago is a chat application as well as has several types of games.

Even from these games you can make a lot of money. Several types of games are ludo, knife throwing, tree planting, and Chicken Farm.

Tree planting game is very easy to do, just by watering the tree you earn coins.

Likewise with Chicken Farm, every time you feed a chicken, you get coins. Well, if these coins have been collected, they can be converted into rupiah through a digital wallet application.

8. Higgs Domino Island

Higgs Domino Island

The last money-making game is Higgs Domino Island, a domino game.

This application consists of several games, including hoe, rummy, domino gaple, poker, and so on. This Indonesian-made game is quite fun to play in your spare time.

Well, the way to get money from this game is to collect coins in each of these games.

The coins can later be given to fellow players or converted to a digital wallet into rupiah coffers.


There are quite a lot of money-making games in this day and age. Without the need to leave the house, spend a lot of energy, now money can come by itself.

According to people who like to play games, it must be fun, right? Do a hobby but get paid.

But so far the game can not be said as a job, because the income is uncertain and not enough to meet their daily needs.

Keep in mind, games also have some downsides if not used wisely.

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It’s best not to lose track of time when playing games, because it can be bad for your physical and mental health. It’s okay to do hobbies, but social activities must be balanced.

It’s enough here that Nista provides a discussion about Money-Making Games, hopefully this article can help all of you, Thank you.

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