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There are many applications that provide free diamonds for the Free Fire game but not many applications that can really add diamonds for free. Well, this time we will share a free diamond d Free Fire provider application, the application is Lucky Patcher FF.

It is said that this application can provide Free Fire diamonds for free to Lucky Patcher FF users.

But to get it, of course, has its own way or trick. So if you don’t know how, then you can listen to our article from beginning to end.

Because by listening to our article carefully, you can use the Lucky Patcher FF application very easily.

But before we tell you about how to get lots of diamonds using this application.

Then you can first listen to the review that we provide about this application. Check out the review below. As follows.

Lucky Patcher FF Review

Lucky Patcher FF Review

The Lucky Patcher application is famous for being able to add Diamonds to many games, especially the Free Fire game.

By using this application, you can add lots of diamonds without any limitations.

However, this application cannot be used for all games. But only certain games.

Not just to add diamonds . This app can also block ads on apps or games.

Not only that, this application can also move applications or games that were previously in the smartphone memory to be moved to the SD Card and vice versa.

So in essence this application has many functions and the main function is definitely adding diamonds or coins to the game.

As we discussed above. To add diamonds to this application, there must be a trick or method.

Now to find out how to use this application to add Free Fire diamonds, you can see below how. As follows.

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How to Use Lucky Patcher FF

Unlike other diamond- enhancing applications which are quite complicated and difficult to use.

This application is very easy to use and the process does not take long.

To use this application is quite easy. What you need to pay attention to first is that you need to have the application first.

If you already have the application, you can listen carefully to How to Use Lucky Patcher FF below. As follows.

  • The first thing you need to do is open the Lucky Patcher application
  • When it is open, you can immediately search for the Free Fire application
  • Click or select applications Free Fire the
  • If you have then you can directly select the menu option “Recreate application”
  • If you have then you can directly select the option “Remade applications for in-app purchases and LVL engineering”
  • Next check the option “Additional support for mock license authentication and additional support for mock in-app purchases” As in the example below
How to Use Lucky Patcher FF
  • if you have then you can directly select the display option “Recreate application”
  • If the attention notification appears as below then you can select the “No” menu
How to Use Lucky Patcher FF
  • Wait for the process for a while until it works
  • It worked.

When the process is complete, you can go directly to your Free Fire game application and you can see that you will get a lot of diamonds .

You can do this method on all games contained in the Lucky Patcher application.

Is Lucky Patcher FF Safe?

Before you use it, make sure first that the application is safe for you to use.

To use Lucky Patcher FF, we recommend you to use a new account first.

Because if you use a personal account or an old account, it is feared that you will get banned, therefore you need to use a new account.

With you using a new account, you don’t have to worry if the account gets banned. But if you are not banned, it means you are in luck.

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Download Lucky Patcher FF

Download Lucky Patcher FF

If you don’t have the application, then in this article we will also provide the application to you.

But once again we do not ensure that this application is safe to use in the Free Fire game.

But if you insist on using the application then you can get the Lucky Patcher FF download link below.

App NameLucky Patcher FF
Size9.3 MB
FeaturesUnlimited Diamonds

Now the link above is a download link for the Lucky Patcher application which is fast and easy to access.

How to Install the Lucky Patcher FF Application

Maybe some of you can’t install the application. This is not because the app is broken but because you haven’t enabled unknown sources on your smartphone .

Therefore, if you get an application from the internet, make sure you have activated unknown sources on your smartphone first .

If you don’t know how, below we have provided activating unknown sources on smartphones . As follows how.

Go to the Settings menu >> Select the Additional settings menu >> Next select the Privacy menu >> Enable Unknown sources .

To make it easier for you, you can listen to the image that we have provided below. As follows the picture.

unknown source

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The final word

Once again we say that we do not make sure that this application is safe for you to use for the Free Fire game.

But it’s true that you can use this application to get lots of free diamonds .

We have also given you the download link because you will not get this application in the playstore .

So this article is about Lucky Patcher FF. You can also read other useful articles about the Free Fire game on this page of our website. Thank you.

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