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Jedag Jedug IG Filter – If you have Instagram, you must already know a filter that is currently viral.

You can make a video with a pause effect that is being discussed a lot.

Because if you use the Instagram application, of course you know there is a feature where you can create stories that don’t last long.

You can create a story that can only be seen by people who follow you.

And the story only lasts for 1×24 hours then if it has passed that time it will automatically be deleted.

But take it easy because you can see the story even though it has been deleted which is stored in your IG account archive.

Immediately, for those of you who are curious about the Instagram pause filter, you can see in the section below.

What is Jedag Jedug Instagram Filter Filter

Instagram filters

As I said above that you can get the Instagram pause filter by reading this article I made.

Because if you use IG, you can create stories by using the features in it.

You can also save videos or photos made using Instagram without having to post them first.

So if it’s already stored on HP storage, you can view it anytime.

And now a new trend has emerged because many people are already making videos with special effects.

Which in a video you can make videos with cool visual effects .

And to get this filter you don’t need to pay anything because it is obtained for free.

But there is an important thing that you must do that is you must know the name of the filter you want to save.

Immediately, for those of you who want to know the name of the IG Pausg Jeduk effect, you can find out by reading the section below.

Jedag Jedug IG Filter Name

Jedag Jedug IG Filter

If you are curious about the name of the filter that can be used to create a pause effect.

Because in Instagram social media you can create your own filters and can also share filters.

So there are some good people today they make a filter and share it for free.

But to be able to save it you must first know the name of the filter or the name of the person who created the filter.

For that, take it easy because in this article you can find out the name of the Pause Jedug filter in the section below.

  • Jedag Jedug Reborn from creator itsdimss_
  • Mang Chung + Frezze from creator abdulkatsiir
  • Shaki Shaki from creator wirandy_saputra
  • Where is JJ Bobo from creator babay.27
  • DJ Awing Mawe from creator wirandy_saputra

If you already know the name of the filter above, the next step you have to do is save it.

And if you don’t know how, don’t worry, because in this article I will explain it too.

How to Save Instagram Filters

Previously I said above that you can use filters if you have saved them.

To save it is actually very easy but maybe some of you forget how.

Therefore, for those of you who forget or don’t know how to save filters, see the section below.

  • First you can open the ” Instagram ” application on your cellphone.
  • If you have you can click ” Your Story ” in the upper left corner.
your story
  • Then you can enter the name ” Filter ” that you are looking for via ” Search Effects “.
browse effects
  • If you have found it, you can save it by clicking the ” Save Icon ” at the bottom.
save effect
  • Now you can use “ Jedag Jedug Filter ” to make the video cooler.


Maybe this is where Nista. discusses the Jedag Jedug IG Filter, hopefully this article can be useful for all of us, Thank you.

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