How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account

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How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account – PUBG Mobile has various ways to login and play the game. To login to PUBG Mobile, you can do it via email, facebook, or twitter. But you can also change your login or disconnect from Facebook, or Twitter.

But to decide to log in from Facebook or Twitter, there must be a way and that method is still rarely known by PUBG Mobile game users.

Now in this article, we will share how to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook and Twitter.

To easily understand How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Accounts from Facebook and Twitter, you can listen to our article from beginning to end so that you can easily Unbind PUBG Mobile Accounts.

But for those of you who don’t know what Unbind Account is, you can listen to the article below.

What is PUBG Mobile Account Unbind?

What is PUBG Mobile Account Unbind?

Unbind account is a termination of login access. For example, if you log in using FB and email then you can decide to log in from FB so that you or others cannot log into your PUBG Mobile account using FB.

Many people unbind PUBG Mobile accounts because their FB or twitter is already known to others.

This is done so that other people cannot log into your PUBGM game using access they know.

To unbind an account, it is certainly very easy to do if you understand and know how.

Now, by visiting our website, you will find out how to Unbind PUBGM accounts via Facebook and Twitter.

How to Unbind the Latest PUBG Mobile Account

How to Unbind the Latest PUBG Mobile Account

Many sites explain how to Unbind a PUBGM account, the name of this method is the old way so you can’t do it anymore.

Now, if you listen to our method, you will definitely be able to unbind your account easily .

Below we have provided an easy way for you to unbind your PUBGM account via Facebook and Twitter.

Check out below How to Unbind the Latest PUBG Mobile Account. As follows the easy way.

How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook

How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account from Facebook

If you login to PUBGM from Facebook, you can listen to how to unbind the account through the method we have provided below.

The most important thing about this method is that you need to have access to the Facebook account associated with the PUBGM account.

Well below you can see the steps to Unbind PUBGM account from Facebook. See how below.

  • The first step is open the Facebook app on a smartphone you
  • If you have, then log in or enter the Facebook account that is linked to your PUBGM account
  • If you have entered, the next step is that you can go to the settings & privacy menu
  • Then select the Application and Website view menu tampilan
  • If you have then you can click the view menu Accessed using Facebook
  • Look for the PUBG Mobile game and check in the column
  • If it is checked then just select the menu display Delete menu
  • Then select the Confirm menu and click Done
  • It worked.

So that was the easy way to Unbind PUBGM account from Facebook. It’s not very easy that way.

How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account from Twitter

How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account from Twitter

Actually, how to Unbind a PUBGM account from Twitter is not much different from the method we have given above.

But to make it easier for you, below we have provided an easy way to Unbind a PUBGM account from Twitter. Check out the easy way below.

  • The first step open the Twitter app on the smartphone you
  • If it’s normal, you first log in to the Twitter account associated with the PUBGM account that you want to unbind the account with
  • Once logged in, you can go directly to the Settings and privacy menu
  • Next select the Account menu display menu
  • Scroll down until you find the Applications and session view menu
  • Enter the Applications and session view menu
  • Next look for the PUBGM game game
  • If you have found it, you can click on the PUBGM game and select the Revoke access menu
  • Done.

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By unbinding your PUBGM account, you will no longer be able to access or login PUBGM through the application that you unbind .

This method is usually done for accounts that you want to sell or accounts that are known by others.

By listening to the method well, of course you will quickly understand and use the method very easily.

The method that we told you above is the latest method so you won’t be confused when you want to unbind your account using that method.

So far, our discussion this time is about How to Unbind PUBG Mobile Account. Thank you for listening to the end of our article.

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