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How to Level in Ragnarok X – Ragnarok X: Next Generation or commonly called the ROX game is a game that is viral and popular lately. Not only in Indonesia, this game is popular almost all over the world. No wonder because this one game is very fun to play.

But there are still many people who don’t know the easy way to Leveling in Ragnarok X even though this is very important to know.

Because with a high level, the level of the game will also certainly be more exciting.

With a high level game account, you will certainly be considered a pro player . Therefore raising the level is important.

Because there are still many people who don’t know how to level up in Ragnarok X. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you the easy way.

You must listen to this article from beginning to end so that it becomes easy for you to level up your ROX game account.

Fast and Easy Ways to Level in Ragnarok X

Fast and Easy Ways to Level in Ragnarok X

Knowing the easy and fast way of Leveling in the ROX game is definitely very important for you players of this game.

Now, if you know how to quickly and easily level up in the ROX game, you can earn additional income by opening the ROX game leveling jockey service.

Therefore, take a good look at our article to make it easier for you to do Leveling in the ROX game.

Below we have provided an easy and fast way to Leveling in the game Ragnarok X: Next Generation. Here’s an easy and fast way.

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1. Carry out Missions in Quest

Carrying out Missions in Quest

The first thing that can level up your game account easily and quickly is by running missions on quests .

With you running the available Quest missions , the exp level that you will get will increase very drastically so that you will easily level up.

This mission is also fairly easy because you only need to follow the instructions provided and the character will move automatically according to the purpose of the quest.

2. Running Side Quests

Running Side Quests

If the above has carried out the mission, now you only need to run the Side Quest .

By running Side Quests, you will not only get exp , but you will also get Zeny and blueprints  that can be used to make rare and quality items.

To be able to run side quests , you can press the button on the display ” menu quest “ located on the left.

3. Join the Party

Join Party

A quick and easy way to level up in the next ROX game is by Join Party .

Because when you join the party , you can join in hunting monsters with party members . That way you will get a lot of exp .

Moreover, if you activate Odin Blessing , the bonus exp you will get will be even greater.

4. Activate Odin Blessing

Activate Odin Blessing

The next way that can increase the exp level quickly in the ROX game is by activating Odin Blessing .

Odin Blessing is a quota to defeat monsters. If you activate Odin Blessing to defeat monsters, you will get 5x EXP, 5x Drop Rate, and 5x Zeny.

The most appropriate way to use Odin Blessing is to hunt monsters by choosing the largest exp .

Mistake a lot of people are using Odin Blessing when the  main quest  or  side quests for exp obtained will be very little.

5. Carry out Daily Missions

Running Daily Missions

Never take daily missions for granted. Because with you actively running daily missions, it will be easy for you to level up.

In daily missions you will get a lot of exp . If you are actively running daily missions, your game level will definitely rise quickly.

In this daily mission you can run 10 missions every day. But don’t be late because the daily missions will be reset at 5 pm every time.

6. AFK Grinding Mode

AFK Grinding Mode How to Level in Ragnarok X

The quick and easy way to level up  in the last ROX game is by doing AFK when you are grinding .

This is the last resort if you have run out of other exp activities such as  side quests, main quests,  Join Party , and Odin Blessing quota .

Although the EXP generated when hunting without Odin Blessing will be less, it is better than doing nothing. Also make sure to  party  with other players if you want to do   AFK grinding mode .


By doing the methods that we have told above, of course you will find it easy and fast to level up.

So, that was how to level up in Ragnarok X. Hopefully this article can make it easier for you to level up your ROX game account. Thank you.

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