How to Get Free FF Diamonds

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How to Get Free FF Diamonds – Diamonds are digital currency in a FF game that is really needed. Quite a lot of people are looking for how to get Diamond FF where the tips are actually very easy to do.

We know Free Fire or commonly called FF is one of the games that is quite popular and is often played by young people in particular. This game with the theme of survival battle was developed by Garena Free Fire.

This game is quite exciting because a player has a mission to survive but must defeat the opponent using any weapon, so that later he will be the winner who lives on the island.

Another excitement of this game is the premium items that are the main attraction.

But in order to enjoy it you have to buy it using real money which will later be top up into diamonds.

After that, then you can buy premium items to be used on each of our characters.

Well, back to the initial discussion of how to get diamonds for free, in this article we will discuss the tricks one by one.

Oh yes, first we have to know what is meant by Diamond FF, which is a digital currency in the Free Fire game whose image is in the form of a blue diamond icon.

The number of diamonds themselves will continue to grow when you successfully top-up. Its own use, of course, is to purchase premium items that will later be used when playing.

The cooler and better the premium items purchased will make the price offered quite expensive.

How to Get Free FF Diamonds Without Application

diamond free fire free

Actually there is a method to get Diamond FF for free that is using an app and not.

They both make it easy for you to get them, so just choose which one suits your needs. Here is the explanation:

1. Event Diamond FF Event

An event held by Garena with free diamond prizes. However, this event is rarely held.

However, so that you can participate in this event, you must continue to monitor developments through their official fanpage, Garena Indonesia.

Oh yes, besides having a free diamond event they also offer quite interesting prizes that you can get

2. Enter the Giveaway

That is a way by participating in several games according to the giveaway giveaway.

To be able to take part in this giveaway, like it or not, you have to follow the YouTube channel with the theme of Free Fire gaming. Usually, if there are a lot of subscribers or views, the giveaway Diamond FF free will be given.

3. Tournament

You can take part in various tournaments both locally and internationally to be able to get free Diamond FF in sufficient quantities, so that you can afford to buy premium items


How to get Diamond FF for free can be by visiting this site. In it, you have to fill out a survey or quiz provided where later you will be given points.

The more points you collect, the more you can exchange it for Diamond FF or diamond mobile legends.

5. Web Points

To get free Diamond FF then just visit this site. This method is still quite effective.

As for you, you have to complete the missions to get points which can later be exchanged for free Diamond FF.

6. Betsim Net FF

Is one site that offers online game matches where if you win the match you will get a point.

Which later you can exchange for the number of diamonds according to a predetermined amount from the site.

7. Google Chrome

This method can be done by accessing the generator site, but often the accuracy is quite nil. Even so, it wouldn’t hurt you to give it a try

8. Graminity FF

One of the generator sites that offers you to be able to get free FF Diamonds by entering the FF nickname, then the HP number then the type of device used and the number of free FF diamonds you want to get.

After doing some of these things then press the genre and then you are asked to verify to be able to complete the process.

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Free Fire Diamond Earning App

How to Get Free FF Diamonds

Well, the second way is to use an application that offers quite a lot of opportunities for you to get Diamond FF. Here are the applications that you can install on the gadget:


An online game application that can be used to earn points, which are then exchanged for diamonds according to the number of points previously obtained

2. Codashop APK

How to get Diamond FF by downloading this application. One of the diamond-producing applications that offers lots of discounts for diamond purchases.

Of course this application makes it easy for those of you who do not have the funds to buy Diamond FF.

The good thing is that in this codashop.apk there is a free diamond event so it gives an opportunity to get it for free

3. Whwsing apk

That is one application that can also get Diamond FF for free. Please note that this application always provides events with prizes in the form of cash or dollars which you can later use to buy Free Fire diamonds

4. Becaplus APK

This app is free so anyone can use it. Although this application is an application for news, it includes events where you can get coins.

The more coins you collect, of course, you can exchange the coins for the desired number of diamonds.

5. Pulquis App

As the name implies, it seems that the meaning offered is playing quizzes to get credit.

This slogan is true because you just have to play a few quizzes which later when you finish you will be given credit.

The more credit you have, the more you can get Diamond FF.

6. Video Snack App

This application is busy and viral and has even been recognized by the OJK and is legal, so you don’t have to worry about using it.

The method is quite easy, that is, you install this application and get cash by inviting friends or many visitors to watch videos that are already available.

The money can later be used to buy Diamond FF according to your needs.

Not a few have asked whether the way to get free Diamond FF is safe or vice versa.


Of course, some of the tips described above are easy and simple and safe, so you don’t have to worry about whether your FF account will be permanently banned. This is because this method is not a cheat or the like.

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How, don’t be confused anymore instead of looking for ways to get Diamond FF either by using the application or not.

So far, the discussion about How to Get Free Diamond FF, hopefully this article can be useful for all of us, Thank you.

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