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If you are one of the people who use the modified WhatsApp application, you are definitely familiar with the term fouad WhatsApp. Yep, this is a WhatsApp Mod type application and this WhatsApp mod application is the main focus of what the official mods do is in redesign development.

So don’t be surprised if the quality of the WhatsApp mod application is always of good quality and this has been proven from the various advantages of the features it has. The advantages of this mod application make many people interested in using it.

Of course, there are many advantages that you will feel if you use one of these WA mods.

For more details about the discussion of this one application you can see in the section below.

Fouad Whatsapp Review

Fouad Whatsapp

If you use regular Whatsapp, it will certainly be limited by some of the features in it.

But if you use Fouad Whatsapp this will not happen because it is one of the Mod versions.

Which has been developed by a third party so that it has various superior features in it.

And all the features that you can use, of course, for free without any fees.

Curious about what features are in it? can see in full in the section below.

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Fouad Whatsapp Excellent Features

FM Whatsapp

There are features in this application that are interesting and cool, even the features provided in this application are not necessarily owned by the official WhatsApp application, what are they? These features include:

Security Features

If you are one of the types of people who do not like it when your chat in chat is seen by other people.

Then the WhatsApp application that you have been using is not the right application.

Why? Because in the official application there is no security feature where if you use this WhatsApp mod application, the existing security features will lock your chat or chat so that other people cannot see it or read it.

So with this feature you can be more flexible in chatting with other people without you worrying about your chat being watched by other people.

Change WhatsApp Appearance

The next feature available in this WhatsApp fouad is a feature where you can change the appearance and set the WhatsApp main screen wallpaper, is this feature also owned by official WhatsApp? Of course not, just try it yourself.

If you use this application, you can use these interesting features well and the themes that can be obtained in this application are quite a lot, which is in the range of 100.

In fact, not only that, this application also has various types of stickers and emojis that can be an emotional addition when chatting.

Can View Deleted Messages

Have you ever received a message on WA and it was deleted again by the one who sent it? Curious what’s in it?

Well, this will not happen again if you use the fouad WhatsApp mods application. Why?

Because the application is equipped with a feature that is quite interesting, namely being able to view messages deleted by the sender.

Therefore you can still see the contents of deleted messages. With this feature in the WhatsApp mod application, it’s no wonder it has been used by many people.

View Online Status

This online status feature is one of the most desired features by WA users, why?

Because with this feature users can hide their online status from WhatsApp contacts.

On the other hand, users can also use this feature to be seen online by others even though they are actually offline from WhatsApp.

This Fouad WhatsApp application is indeed a solution if you are one of those people who want this feature.

Because if you use the official WhatsApps application, you will not find this feature.

Hiding Status While Typing

Have you ever seen the status of being typed when you chat with other people on WhatsApp?

Indeed, this status is very trivial, but there are still many people who want this status not to be seen by others.

If you use the official WhatsApp, then you can be sure that this one feature does not exist.

It’s different if you use the WhatsApp mod application, where this application has been modified in such a way that it can provide a feature to hide the status of typing.

So you can set it to hide it or not, so when you’re typing the typing status on your friends doesn’t appear.

Anti Banned

Now you think to use this app and uninstall official WA? But the feeling of getting banned/blocked always accompanies?

Now there’s no need to worry, because this mod application is always updated with the latest version so that the anti-ban feature is always updated.

So you can calmly and comfortably use this application without worrying about it.

You can change the theme at will

If you use this WhatsApp application too, you can use several theme options and also the type of font that you can customize to your heart’s content.

So you can adjust the appearance of this application according to your wishes.

With this feature, it will keep you from getting bored with the same WhatsApp look.

Video Status Up to 7 Minutes

If you are one of the most frequently shared videos that have a fairly long duration in your story.

Then this cannot be done if you use the official WhatsApp application because in the official application the video will be cut into pieces.

It’s different if you use this Fouad WhatsApp application, you can share video stories with a long duration.

Even the duration can be up to 7 minutes without being cut into pieces and of course very cool.

Can Send Images in Large Quantities

The last feature is a feature where you can send multiple images in large quantities.

Unlike the official WhatsApp which is not necessarily able to do this. Unlike the WhatsApp version of this mode, you can do this even in one message you can send up to 90 images.

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Download Fouad WA Latest Version Free

Fouad WA

If you already know what features are in this application and want to use it, take it easy.

Because here you can get it for free without the need to pay.

And to be able to start the download process you can see in the section below.

NameFouad Whatsapp
FeaturesUnlock All

For those of you who want to use please download HERE

How to Install Fouad WhatsApp

Now you already know about what features are in this Fouad WhatsApp application.

Then, how to install it? It’s very easy. However, there is a little extra rule, as we know by now if it’s not an official Play Store app.

Then you have to change your phone settings to allow third parties to install applications outside the Play Store.

If you are still confused about how to use it, see the steps below:

  • Please download the application via the ” Link ” I have provided above.
  • Now you can enter the settings menu on your cellphone.
  • If you have entered the ” Additional Settings ” menu, then enter ” Privacy ” now activate ” Unknown Sources “.
unknown source
  • Then you can ” File Manager ” and go to the ” Download ” folder .
  • Find the application that you have previously downloaded and ” Install “.
  • Wait until the process is complete and now you can use it.

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How interesting isn’t the feature it offers? Indeed, this Fouad WhatsApp application is not an official WhatsApp application, but now it has many users.

Maybe because of the features that users are currently looking for and these features are not available on the official WhatsApp.

Hopefully, since you read this article, it can provide significant benefits to the use of the WhatsApp application. Already interested in this mod application?

So far, the discussion that Nista has given about Fouad Whatsapp, hopefully it can help all of you, thank you.

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