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There are many modified WhatsApp developers, and one of them is FM WhatsApp, where the popularity of this mode application can already compete with other competitors. You could say that currently FM WhatsApp has become a mainstay application by WhatsApp users.

The developer of FM WhatsApp is fouad WhatsApp where FM WhatsApp is equipped with a variety of cool features that are not in the official WhatsApp application. Not only that, you can also easily update features because until now feature updates can still be done.

If you are currently looking for a WhatsApp mod application then FM WhatsApps is guaranteed to meet your needs and answer your every doubt.

Interested? Before trying it, we first get to know this one application.

For a complete discussion, please refer to the section below.

FM Whatsapp Reviews

FM Whatsapp is one of the most widely used Whtsapp Mods to date.

Of course this is not without reason but because of the many additional features that are in it.

The features that you can use in this application are also very many to make it easier to communicate.

Many additional features that exist in GM WA are because they have been redeveloped by third parties.

Which means it is not an official version or the official that you can download on PlayStore .

But take it easy for the safety of using this application because many have used it.

Regarding what features you can enjoy using this application, you can listen to the discussion below.

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Featured Features of FM Whatsapp

You could say this WhatsApp FM application is one of the unique modified applications, why?

Because of the features offered and quite a lot of changes from the official WhatsApp version.

The available features are also sufficient to provide benefits for its users. Below are some of the mainstay features of this mod application:

Freeze Last Seen

One of the features in the official WhatsApp application is last seen, this feature can show us the last time another WhatsApp user was online on their smartphone device.

You can use this feature to check whether the person we are chatting with is online or offline and you can also predict when he will open his phone.

Well, unlike FM WhatsApp, you can disable this feature by using the Freeze Last Seen feature.

This feature can make our online status stop or turn off at that time and don’t look online even though we are online and sending messages with other people.

Features of Hiding Status View

Have you ever seen someone else’s status on WhatsApp? Well, when you watch other people’s posts on their status.

Then the person can know that we have seen the status because our name is in the Viewed by list.

Well, this mod application named FM WhatsApp offers an amazing feature where we can hide ourselves from the viewed by list.

Indeed for some people this is not important, but if you are avoiding someone and you accidentally see their post.

Like it or not, we have to respond to the status, right because sometimes those who share in the status are to be responded to.

But, take it easy if you use FM WhatsApp this will not happen again.

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A Blue Tick Appears After Replying To The Message

If you have been using WhatsApp for a long time, it means that you are familiar with the name tick on this WhatsApp chat application and chat application.

This WhatsApp has three ticks, one of which is a gray tick, which indicates that the message has been sent but has not been received by the user.

The two gray ticks indicate that the message has been received by the user and the two blue ticks indicate that the message has been read by the user.

Well, FM WhatsApp can hide the three ticks and can make a blue tick appear after you reply to the message.

This is useful so you don’t get caught if you’ve read it but haven’t had time to reply.

Send Messages Without Save Contacts First

Usually if you use the official WhatsApp application, you are required to save the number first before you can send messages to the destination number.

It’s different if you use the WhatsApp FM mode application, where you need to save the number first.

FM WhatsApp has a feature where users can send messages without having to save the number first.

The method is quite easy, you only need to type in the number and the user can send messages directly to the number, cool isn’t it?

Can See Deleted Status

The status we share on WhatsApp will be valid for 24 hours only or until you delete it yourself.

When the status has been deleted, we cannot see the status again.

Well, that doesn’t apply to FM WhatsApp where this application can see the status of other users.

Even though it has been deleted and not only that, the owner of the status also doesn’t know if his status can still be seen by others.

Anti Delete Message

If you use the official WhatsApp application, then you must be familiar with the Retract Message feature.

Which is where this feature has provided benefits for users to withdraw or delete messages that have been sent.

This feature is very useful indeed, especially if you send a message by typing a typo or indeed sending the wrong message.

Then you as a user can delete it before it is seen by the user you sent the message to.

Sometimes, this feature is also used for fun and many people intentionally delete their messages to make us curious about what they contain.

You can solve this by using the WhatsApp FM mod application, with this application you can still view the deleted messages.

Manage Incoming Calls

It’s annoying when we receive a phone call from someone we don’t know or don’t want.

The reasons can be various and of course we don’t want to be disturbed by people we don’t know or make us uncomfortable.

This is what underlies the existence of FM WhatsApp because this mod application has a feature, namely filtering which numbers can contact us.

And other users will not be able to contact us if we don’t add that user to the list. Very useful isn’t it?

Have a New Look

If one of the reasons you are looking for a mod application or more using a mod application is because the official WhatsApp application only has that appearance.

So, FM WhatsApp can provide a different look and theme even you can change it easily at will.

How to? Easy. You only need to choose the theme you like from a collection of themes that have been provided and you can use this theme for free. Cool, right?

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Download FM WA Latest Version 2021

If you are curious about wanting to use this application immediately, take it easy because you can get it for free here.

Because you can’t download FM Whatsapp on playstore or appstore .

No need to worry about that because you can download it in the table I have provided below.

NameFM Whatsapp

Please just download HERE

How to Install FM Whatsapp

If you have downloaded via the link I have provided above, the next step is to install it.

For how to install itself, it does have differences with Whatsapp in general.

Immediately, to be able to install FM Whatsapp, you can see the section below.

  • Please download the application via the ” Link ” I have provided above.
  • Now you can enter the settings menu on your cellphone.
  • If you have entered the ” Additional Settings ” menu, then enter ” Privacy ” now activate ” Unknown Sources “.
unknown source
  • Then you can ” File Manager ” and go to the ” Download ” folder .
  • Find the application that you have previously downloaded and ” Install “.
  • Wait until the process is complete and now you can use it.

The final word

So, those are 8 cool features in FM WhatsApp that you need to know before using it on your android phone.

You can use these features for free without being charged or using them for free!

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Maybe this is where Nista discusses FM Whatsapp, hopefully it can be useful for all of us, Thank you.

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