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FF Bio Code Rank Rank – For those of you who like to play Free Fire games, of course you want to have a cool bio.

Because in the FF game, of course, each account has a profile in which there is a bio that can be filled at will.

But don’t let you fill in the bio column with original words because you will get bad views from other players .

And also you can’t fill in your bio with words that are sensitive or harsh.

But lately, there is a way that can be done to make a bio different from the others.

That is, you can display a rank symbol or logo in the FF game in your account bio column.

It would be really cool if you had a different bio from the others.

Immediately, for those of you who are curious about the full discussion, you can listen to the section below.

What is a Rank Rank FF Bio Code?

FF Bio Code Rank Rank

As I said above that in this article I will discuss a special way that can make the FF bio look different.

Your account will look different if you use a method that I will discuss in this article.

And maybe many of you have seen some players with FF rank bio logos.

Because this method can be done easily and indeed many are looking for a way.

You can create or display the FF rank symbol in your bio by using a special code.

Of course, this does not violate any rules made by the developer to regulate the contents of the bio.

Because you only use a special code that is provided by pikah developer .

And if you want to have a bio in which there is a rank logo, you can use the code below.

°°ᡃ⃟ᡃ⃟ [BUGFFRank] [FFFFOO]ΛΛΛ*ᡃ⃟[all-rank]

You can copy / paste then use it to cool your FF account bio.

But if you don’t know how to change the Free Fire bio, don’t worry because you can see in the section below.

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How to Change Bio FF

If you already know how or a code that can bring up the rank logo on your account, the next step is to use it.

To be able to use it in order to improve your FF account bio, you can replace it with the code above.

And to replace it is actually quite easy but if you don’t know it, you will definitely be confused.

But don’t worry, to change your FF bio, you can follow the method I will explain below.

  • First, please open the ” Free Fire ” game on your cellphone then ” Login ” using your account.
login ff
  • If you can click on the top left corner, namely the ” Profile ” menu and a display like this will appear.
enter settings
  • Next to change ” Bio FF ” you can click ” Pencil Icon ” as shown in the picture.
bio ff
  • You can enter the code above in the ” Signature ” column to bring up the ” Bio FF Logo Rank “.


As I said earlier that the code above you can use for free to bring up the FF rank logo.

And of course this method is safe for you to use because it is officially allowed.

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Maybe that’s all the discussion about the FF Bio Code Rank Rank, hopefully this article can be useful for all of us, Thank you.

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