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Apk Sharing Applications – As we already know that money-making applications are now a means to make money online .

It is not something that is foreign to some people in looking for rupiah coffers through money-making applications .

There are many platforms that can now make money online and of course it’s easy to do.

Following an age already sophisticated we as a society should be good at using every respect.

One of them is looking for income by using money-making applications to meet daily needs.

Now getting money only through HP is no longer an impossible thing to do.

Moreover, in 2021 more and more money-making applications are coming with all the advantages.

We can earn money through an application only by doing the missions given by the application.

No need to spend a lot of energy and the mission can be done even if you are at home.

As a society we must always look for ways to still be able to earn money even during this pandemic.

By using a money-making application we don’t have to bother thinking about what things can be done in order to make money.

One of the money- making applications that you can try and just released in 2021 is the Sharing application.

This Sharing or Sharing 111 application is an application that will make money if the user carries out the mission given correctly.

Then is this application proven to pay and safe to use? On this occasion we will review the Apk Sharing application.

Hides Table of Contents 
1. What is Apk Sharing App?
2. How To Make Money In Sharing Apps
3. Download the Apk Sharing App
4. How to Install the Sharing Application
5. How to Register a Sharing Application Account
6. How to Use Sharing Apps To Earn Money
7. How to Withdraw Money on Sharing Apps
8. Are Sharing Apps Safe And Proven Paying?
9. Cover

What is Apk Sharing App?

about sharing apk

Recently, there is an application that has become a topic of discussion for netizens and has gone viral called Share Apk.

This application is claimed to give money to users who successfully carry out the mission provided.

Sharing application or Sharing 111 is an application that will give some money to its users who do the available missions.

Sharing the apk has gone viral and many people have started talking about it because the mission is very easy.

Anyone can use this application as long as they have a smartphone and an active internet.

Similar to money-making in general, this Sharing application has several missions that users can do if they want to make money.

Then what are the missions in this apk sharing money making application? Check out the full explanation below.

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How To Make Money In Sharing Apps

How the sharing app works

Each money-making application has a different mission but the way it works is almost the same.

Most money-making apps will give their users a mission to invite friends with the lure of big bonuses.

The missions that must be done in this Sharing application are giving likes to social media applications that work together with this Sharing apk.

Social media that work with Share this apk include Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and others.

In addition to giving likes to partnered social media accounts, there are other missions such as following Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. social media accounts.

Those are daily missions that you can do in this app to earn coins.

The most powerful way to get lots of coins is to invite friends using your referral code.

Or it could be by sharing the link from Share this apk to your social media.

However, this Sharing application implements a deposit system in carrying out missions and giving rewards.

If you want to get more missions and coins, you have to top up your account.

Free members can only do three missions a day with the reward for each task is IDR 3,600.

So, are you interested in trying and using this 111 Sharing application?

Download the Apk Sharing App

This Sharing application is not yet available on the Playstore or Appstore and can only be downloaded through their official website.

If you are interested in using the application and don’t know the link to download it, we have prepared it.

Here is a link that you can directly access to download the Share apk application https://sharing11.com/primary/navy/index.html#/register.

How to Install the Sharing Application

For those of you who are still confused about how to install this apk Sharing application.

We will share the steps to install this Sharing app.

  • First, you can “download the Sharing application” via the link we have provided.
  • After that “give permission to install apps from unknown sources” .
  • Then “open the folder containing the files from the Sharing application” that you downloaded earlier.
  • “ Do the installation” and wait for the process to finish.

The process of installing this application is not difficult and easy to do, if you already have the application.

You just need to register an account so you can run all the missions available in the sharing application.

How to Register a Sharing Application Account

how to register an account

To register an account for new users of the Sharing application is quite easy to do.

There are no special requirements that must be prepared because it only requires a phone number or social media account.

Here are the steps that must be taken to register an account on the Sharing application.

  • First “open the Sharing application” that you downloaded earlier.
  • Then “enter your active phone number” into the column provided.
  • “Re-enter the verification code” provided by the app.
  • Then “enter a password” that is easy for you to remember.
  • “Reconfirm password” to confirm the password that was created earlier.
  • After that “enter the invitation code” your friend to get bonus coins at the beginning of the game.
  • Then click “Register Now” and the account registration has been completed.

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How To Use Sharing Apps To Earn Money

If you already have an account on the Sharing application, then you can immediately do missions on this application.

You can follow the instructions that we provide so you don’t get confused in using the Sharing application.

Here are the steps to use the Share app to earn money.

  • First “open the Sharing application” and log into the account that you created earlier.
  • “Select the member level” you want to use to carry out the mission, for example full time employee.
how to use sharing app
  • Kemudian anda bisa masuk ke halaman utama dan “pilih sosial media” yang ada pada aplikasi tersebut.
how to use money making app
  • Akan muncul beberapa tugas yang bisa kalian kerjakan dan “klik Ambil”.
how to use share apk
  • Lakukan tugas sampai selesai dan jangan lupa untuk “kumpulkan tugas dengan cara memberikan bukti berupa screenshot”.
how to earn money on sharing apk
  • Setelah melakukan tugas kalian akan mendapatkan uang sesuai dengan member yang kalian pilih tadi.

Cara Melakukan Penarikan Uang Pada Aplikasi Berbagi

Jika ingin melakukan penarikan uang pada aplikasi Berbagi maka saldo uang pada akun anda harus sebesar Rp 20.000.

Penarikan uang sebesar Rp 20.000 juga hanya bisa dilakukan oleh pengguna baru saja.

Berikut adalah langkah-langkah untuk melakukan penarikan uang pada aplikasi Berbagi.

  • First “open the Sharing application” on your smartphone.
  • Then on the main page select the “Mine” menu located at the bottom right and then click on the reading “My Wallet” .
How to withdraw money
  • Then select the reading “Withdrawal” and it will appear the method, amount, account password for withdrawing the money.
how to withdraw money 2
  • Fill in all the sections correctly and make sure nothing is wrong after that click “Gather”
  • Wait a few moments until the money enters your account.

Are Sharing Apps Safe And Proven Paying?

is the sharing app safe and proven to pay

You must be wondering about the security of this relatively new money-making application.

If you want to try to use this application, you should be careful and don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy a member account.

Because there are still few users who provide information about this Sharing application.

To avoid unwanted things, you can play this application for free.

When you want to try a money-making application, it would be nice if we find out in advance about the security and certainty of paying from the application.

Because not all money-making applications are proven to pay their users, some are even deceived by applications that say they can make money.

So, in using a money-making application, you don’t need to make a deposit to avoid unpleasant things.


That’s today’s discussion about the latest 2021 producing application, the Sharing apk application.

Hopefully the explanation we have provided above can be useful for all of you and can be a source of information for the application you are looking for.

Thank you for reading the article and look forward to articles about other money-making applications here.

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