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60s PW Apk – In finding ways to make money during a pandemic, people must be required to think creatively. People have to find various ways to generate coffers of money for their daily needs.

In this era of globalization, technological developments are becoming increasingly sophisticated and very helpful in people’s lives.

Thus emerges application technology that can make money without putting any capital.

Not only in the form of applications, means for making money through smart phones can now also be through internet sites.

These sites claim that they can give money to users who want to carry out a given mission.

Through this site, active users of social media can search for rupiah coffers in an easy way.

Especially in a pandemic situation in Indonesia which is getting out of control for a long time, making it difficult for some people to earn a living.

Besides that, making money using applications or money-making games can be done by anyone.

All people can participate in using this money-making facility, both teenagers and adults.

By having a smartphone and using this site, we can make money even when we are at home.

One site that is becoming a hot topic of conversation by netizens is 60s PW.

Some of you may already be familiar with this site and some may be unfamiliar with the name of the site.

On this occasion we will share information about a money-making site, namely 60s PW apk.

What is 60s PW Apk?

about 60s pw apk

60s PW apk is a money-making site on the internet and of course it can be used to earn money easily.

The site will provide money for users who successfully carry out the given mission.

Users who want to earn money from this site must complete missions well.

In general, sites that are created with the aim of giving money to users do not have a difficult mission.

So that this money-making site is a favorite by various groups of people.

The mission given is definitely easy and can be done by almost all people who want to play the site.

This site is perfect for you to try, especially for those of you who are just at home.

Even though we are at home, we can still be productive to make money even if only with cellphone capital.

So, are you interested in trying this 60s PW apk money-making site as an alternative way to make money?

Download 60s PW Apk

If you are interested in using and trying this money-making site but don’t know how to download it yet.

Here we will provide a link for direct access to the 60s PW apk money-making site.

For those of you who want to try using this site to make money, you can directly paste the following link https://www.60s.pw/ .

Through this link you can directly access the site and can directly register an account.

How to Register an Account In 60s PW

how to register an account on 60s pw

How to register on the 60s PW site is quite easy and does not require complicated requirements.

For those of you new users who want to register an account on the money-making site.

Then we will provide a detailed explanation of how to register an account on the PW 60s site.

You have to open the official site of 60s PW first and we have provided the official link above.

After entering the site, you can register yourself by entering a phone number that is still active.

After that you can create a password that is easy to remember and make sure not to tell the password to anyone.

It aims to maintain the security and confidentiality of your account and avoid misuse.

After creating a password you can re-write the password and when finished register immediately.

Well, that’s the way to register an account on the money-making site, easy enough?

You don’t need to enter complicated requirements because you only need to use a phone number.

How 60s PW Works To Make Money

how VIP 60s pw works

Like most sites or money-making in general, this site also has a way of working that is not difficult to do.

The mission given by this site is that users must watch the video ads that have been provided.

After watching the ad video, users will be rewarded with coins.

These coins can be exchanged for a predetermined amount of money according to the site’s rules.

When you become a new user on this site, you will get a balance of IDR 150,000.

This balance cannot be disbursed into money because it is your initial capital to buy the VIP package.

Not all of the missions provided by this site can be accessed for free, but you must always buy a VIP package.

If this user gets more missions than before and the income will certainly be greater.

Then the user must top up or buy a VIP package that has been provided by the site.

In the VIP package, there are up to four VIP packages with different missions and income.

The higher the package, the more missions and income you will get.

So, this site implements a deposit system or similar to investment so users cannot access it for free.

But there are other ways you can do if you want to get additional missions for free.

The way is to invite friends or other people to use the site.

Users can share a link to the site and if anyone accesses that link, the user will get a bonus.

Later the bonus can be exchanged for additional missions for free without top up.

How To Use 60s PW To Earn Money

how to earn money on money making sites

For those of you who have registered for an account on the 60s PW apk money-making site.

But still confused about how to use the site in order to make money.

Don’t worry because we will explain the steps to use the 60s PW site.

  • The first step that must be taken is “opening the official 60s website” via the link we have provided.
  • After that please “login back with the account that was created earlier” .
  • Because you already got a free balance, then immediately ” select the VIP menu and select VIP 1″ .
  • Then “click the button use the balance for free and top up the VIP package” .
  • If you have activated a VIP account, then you can start running missions to watch advertising videos.
  • “Select watch now” then wait until the ad is finished then you will get a prize in the form of an additional balance.
  • Please “collect balance” obtained from the missions that have been undertaken.
  • If the balance has reached the predetermined limit then you can withdraw money.

Is 60s PW Apk Safe To Use?

More and more means of making money through applications and internet sites appear and make people hesitate to use them.

Not infrequently the application or site is indeed proven to pay its users.

But there are also many applications or sites that use Ponzi schemes and are not proven to pay.

Surely you are wondering about the security of the money-making site from the 60s PW Apk.

The 60s PW site itself is a money-making site that is still relatively new and doesn’t have many reviews from its users.

In addition, this site has not been included in a safe money-making site according to the financial services authority (OJK).

So, this site is still not safe and reliable based on the things above.

For those of you who want to try this site, you should not need to top up to buy a VIP package.

Because we do not know whether the money given can be returned or even get a loss.

Our advice is if you want to try money-making apps or sites, look for the information year first.


That’s the discussion about today’s article, which is about the 60s PW Apk money-making site that we can convey.

In trying and using money-making applications, you should be careful and not provide important data to the site or application.

Hopefully this article is useful for all of you and thank you for reading this article.

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